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Deterministic Array.sort() comparator

5 min read

When using Array.sort() make sure your comparator function is deterministic. It should always return the same value for the same inputs, even if the argument order changes.

Deterministic vs. Pure functions

6 min read

All pure functions are deterministic, but not all deterministic functions are pure. Pure functions are easier to reason about and test, you should aim to implement pure functions.

Side project: AC Visitor Center

12 min read

AC Visitor Center is a queue manager using ReactJS and Firebase created to solve a problem I had in a video game. It allows for a secret code to be securely exposed to the first person in a queue.

What is DX?

9 min read

DX is the user experience from a developer’s perspective when using a product or service such as client libraries, APIs, SDKs, frameworks, or other developer tools.